About Us

Blue Ahli is headed by Elizabeth Rogers, principal and founder.  Elizabeth has spent over 15 years working with small to mid-sized companies to execute their strategic vision.  She is small but mighty.  Intense and passionate about cutting through the noise to get to the heart of a problem.  She is undeterred by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and works with executive leadership to find a path. Even through a storm.

She has worked in variety of environments. With cash strapped non-profits in Bosnia.  In the private aviation industry during one of the worst recessions the industry has ever seen.  In chaotic crisis response situations after September 11 th and the Haiti earthquake.  With financial service companies and consumer product start-ups.

Whether in the board room, with clients, or in the field, Elizabeth brings a unique operations background, fierce intensity, Chicago Booth MBA and a knack for building and inspiring teams to any project she works on.

She demands the best from herself and everyone she works with at Blue Ahli enthusiasm, skill and a passion for building great teams, processes and organizations that get it done.  Period.